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How to change Word to PDF format using MS Word 2007

Convert word files into pdf format, would be a little complicated if you previously mengkonvertnya with other software, eg with word2pdf. But this time it might be you leave, because there has been the easiest way to use MS Word 2007. Well, for my writing this time, I will give tips, as follows:
The first time you have to do is download the plugin HERE, and then install. After that we can see changes in MS Word 2007 on the Save As (see picture) was initially selected Save As pdf or xps does not work, but after we install its plugins then this option will be used. If we want to change the file format of Word to PDF ato XPS then we just go to our word file with Word 2007 and select Save As PDF or XPS. Advantages are the conversion process from Word to pdf or xps is running much faster when compared to using word2pdf, or other similar software.
Good luck, hopefully useful (do not forget to comment it)

NB: taken from www.microsoft.com
how to change the format on acer word document.

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